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Napa Valley Wine Train

Vermeil Wines


Learn more about Vermeil Wines and their award-winning wines, as well as a little bit more about Super Bowl winning NFL Head Coach Dick Vermeil.

Vermeil Wines

Friday, August 30

Join renowned Super Bowl winning NFL head coach Dick Vermeil on the Wine Train as he shares play-by-plays over a few glasses of his vineyard's wine and a delicious four-course meal. Vermeil Wines is the personal wine project of Dick Vermeil. Vermeil was raised in Napa Valley and his initial dive into the wine world is impressive because it goes against the rule-of-thumb that celebrities rarely achieve anything special in the world of wine.

Dick Vermeil will be on board the Napa Valley Wine Train sharing with you his expertise and unique insights to Vermeil Wines winemaking process, as well as into his Super Bowl seasons. Dick will be signing autographs during this event, so don't forget your jersey!

Enjoy the exceptional view of the valley from the elevated Vista Dome Car during your culinary adventure. Dick will be on board throughout the event to chat and share old stories as the train slowly traverses the Napa Valley. It is sure to be an afternoon to remember!

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Dick Vermeil

About Dick Vermeil

Richard A. “Dick” Vermeil was born in Calistoga, the northernmost town in the Napa Valley. His great grandfather on his mother's side, Garibaldi Iaccheri, had owned a large vineyard and his paternal great grandfather, Jean Louis Vermeil, made the family wine. Vermeil took up wine-making as a hobby in 1999, using grapes grown on the land that his great-grandfather once owned, which has passed to the Frediani family. The first vintage of Jean Louis Vermeil Cabernet Sauvignon was corked shortly before the Rams won the Super Bowl. Vermeil's success in the NFL kept wine-making a hobby. But in 2008, after he retired from football, Vermeil and wine maker Paul Smith of Frediani Vineyard decided to upgrade wine-making from hobby to business. Coach Vermeil’s accomplishments in the wine world are now nearly as impressive as what he did in football. After football, wine is and has always been Vermeil’s biggest passion. Football fans will know him from his successful stints as head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs. Dick holds the distinction of being named Coach of the Year in high school, junior college, Division I college, and NFL Coach of the Year twice.

Paul Smith

About Paul Smith

Crafting Vermeil Wines is the talented winemaker and OnThEdge Winery founder, Paul Smith. Paul earned his degree at CSU-Fresno in enology-viticulture and has over 30 years of experience in the wine field. He has held technical and management positions with companies including Joseph Phelps Vineyards and Robert Mondavi Corporation. During Paul’s 17 years with Mondavi, he was responsible for the technical development, facility design and project management of several internationally recognized, state-of-the-art facilities, including Opus One.