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Grgich Hills Estate

Vintner's Lunch
October 24th, 11:30 AM
Grgich Hills Estate  - Vintner's Lunch

Grgich Hills Estate

Vintner's Lunch

October 24th

Per-person: $179

Grgich Hills Estate is a family owned and operated winery dedicated to the art of winemaking and committed to natural winegrowing and sustainability, with 100% estate grown certified organic vineyards. Taste wines created by Mike Grgich, the winemaker behind the 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay, which won the famous 1976 Paris Tasting and put Napa Valley wines on the map. After this monumental tasting, the world began to recognize that Napa Valley was producing delicious wines rivaling those of France. Mike's daughter, Violet, who is involved with every aspect of the wine business, will be on board with guests, sharing stories about her father, and about her love of wine country.

Check-in at 10:30 AM
Departs at 11:30 AM
Returns at 2:30 PM
Seated With Others
Meal: Multiple Course
Wine: Paired w/ Meal

Murder Mystery

Murder on the Wine Train Express
November 14th, 6:30 PM
Murder Mystery - Murder on the Wine Train Express

Murder Mystery

Murder on the Wine Train Express

November 14th

Per-person: $170

Daring and Dastardly Detectives deliberate on death and . . . book rights? A number of the world's greatest detectives are gathering on the Napa Valley Wine Train to see who will receive the royalties to the recently published best seller, called “The Detectives’ Club.” Under the terms of the contract, any of the eight detectives who are alive at midnight will share in the royalties - $5,000,000. Those who are no longer among the living will receive nothing for their estate. Join them and see if you can solve the murder, or murders, of The Detectives' Club.

Check-in at 5:30 PM
Departs at 6:30 PM
Returns at 9:30 PM
Seated With Others
Meal: Multiple Course (Menu)

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