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Napa Valley Wine Train Memories


Over the past 21 years, many people have celebrated milestones and life changing moments with us: proposals, transitions, birthdays, anniversaries. Please enjoy these special memories that others have shared.

A Memory by Tammy Stampfli

Tammy Stampfli reminisces about a "last lovely experience shared together as a family."Read More

A Memory by Janice Andrade

Janice Andrade and her siblings rode the train together to "finalize [their parents'] estate and have a good time in the process." Read More

Two Memories by Denise Burke

Denise Burke describes the Wine Train as "a feast for the eyes and taste buds...a phenomenal experience just a short trip from San Francisco." Read More

A Memory by Gladys E. Dallas

Gladys Dallas celebrated her 80th birthday with us. "What a day it was!" Read More

A Memory by Dorothy and Tom Woolley

Dorothy and Tom Woolley celebrated their 50th anniversary with us. "A most enjoyable day." Read More

A Memory by Linda J. Leonard

Together Linda J. Leonard and her husband enjoyed "A New Year's Eve never to be forgotten." Read More

A Memory by Irene and Jim McClenahan

"On the weekend of November 8th, I had come by plane to Napa. We were now very much in love and I knew that Jim had a romantic treat in store for me on this trip." Read More

If you would like your memory to be featured on our website, please email your memory and any pictures you would like to include to at